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Instant Messenging everywhere with Meebo

Chatting across different instant messenging (IM) services can be a real pain since you have to open up multiple programs/sites to do so.  There is an easier way to do this and it’s called Meebo.  This all-in-one instant messenging service will allow you to

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How to have a portrait and landscape format in a single 2007 Word document

My girlfriend, who is also computer savvy, came to me for help on formatting her Word document.  She wanted only certain pages of the document to be in landscape orientation and the rest portrait.  You can’t do this unless you create page breaks.  I researched and found a website

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New Screenshots of Mozilla Firefox 4

Mashable has screen shots of the upcoming Mozilla Firefox 4 internet browser.  So far, the main new features of Firefox is the tab locations and the overall simplified look and feel.  With the tabs on top, it looks almost exactly like it’s other internet

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Microsoft Office 2010: one of the greatest trailers of all time

This is one of the greatest viral video marketing I have ever seen.  I never been this excited for a Microsoft product in my life (even though I shouldn’t since this trailer hyped up Office to the point where I will be depressed if the product does not even come close to this trailer).  It’s […]

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PC Deals of the Day 7-24-09

In today’s PC Deals of the Day, you will find low prices on various products ranging from a laptop hard drive to 4-port 2.0 USB hub.  Don’t be afraid to spend since these prices if you need to since these prices are crazy cheap. 

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PC Help Journal feed is now fixed

I apologized to those who were trying to subscribe to my feed and was not able to.  I fixed the link so it should be all golden now.  Remember, if you have a question click on the Ask Me button on the top for computer help.  Thanks for reading PC Help Journal!

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How to add a shutdown shortcut to your desktop

I know we are all lazy nowadays and every click saves us time.  Going to Start and clicking on shutdown is such a drag.  No worries.  I am here to simplify your life.  Check out my video tutorial on how to add a shutdown

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Add an on-screen keyboard in Windows XP, Vista, 7

On-screen keyboard are useful for those have tablets or touchscreen PCs. I decided to make a video tutorial instead of screenshots and directions (I know I’m lazy to take those screenshots).  Enjoy.

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Need to convert a Word document into PDF? Try PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF is an excellent freeware that will convert almost any file out there into PDF.  There has been over 13 million downloads over at for this software so I am almost sure PrimoPDF won’t let you down.  The new version 4 allows you to email the PDF right after you create it and the […]

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PC Deals of the Day 7-20-09

There are some very nice deals today.  JBL speakers $29.99 at Sears.  Logitech G5, a good laser gaming mouse, for $27 after rebates.  Dell has the 1TB OEM Internal Hard Drive for $69.  Sandisk 16gb flash drive for only $28 at J&R.

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