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AVG 9.0 is here!

AVG anti-virus has been around for a while.  I currently have AVG 8.5 on my home machine.  It really does the job.  The only problems I have with it is that the scan (I set it up weekly) will take hours and hours to complete and it slows down my computer in terms of boot time and performance […]

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How to disable the annoying Windows Update from forcing you to restart your machine

There were numerous times where I left my computer unattended or if I’m in a game that Windows Update decides to reboot my machine.  You only have the option to “postpone” this reboot.  Thanks to the guys

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How to add a password to a 2007 Microsoft Word document

I, personally, have not used this feature but I know many others out there that would love to know how to password protect their documents. It’s beneficial to have the document protected in the case of having confidential information. I created a video tutorial to do just that. There is a little bit

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