New Screenshots of Mozilla Firefox 4

Mashable has screen shots of the upcoming Mozilla Firefox 4 internet browser.  So far, the main new features of Firefox is the tab locations and the overall simplified look and feel.  With the tabs on top, it looks almost exactly like it’s other internet browser competitor, Google Chrome.  While Mozilla is deciding on whether or not to go with the new “tab on top” look, they have came up with a list of pros and cons for the new feature.

– Save Vertical Space
– Efficiency/Remove Visual Complexity – Right now the tabs have to be connected to something. So we are adding an extra visual element for them to connect to.
– Shorter Mouse Distance to Page Controls

– Breaks Consistency/Familiarity – Moving things confuses existing users.
– Title is MIA – With the space removed from the titlebar you only get the truncated version in the tab.
– Longer Mouse Distance to Tabs – Takes longer to mouse to a tab.
– Lost Space – Sandwiched in between the application icon and the window widgets you lose some space.

It will be interesting to see if Mozilla will allow users to pick and choose or will they decide to change their whole tab layout.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Screenshot 1
Mozilla Firefox 4 Screenshot 1
Mozilla Firefox 4 Screenshot 2
Mozilla Firefox 4 Screenshot 2


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