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PC Deal of the Day 8-13-09

Lenovo has their new 12″ netbooks for only $349. In addition, they have their IdeaPad G550 laptop on sale for $449. You can buy this nice Vizio 32″ 1080p into a computer monitor for only $399. There are so many great deals today!

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PC Deals of the Day 7-24-09

In today’s PC Deals of the Day, you will find low prices on various products ranging from a laptop hard drive to 4-port 2.0 USB hub.  Don’t be afraid to spend since these prices if you need to since these prices are crazy cheap. 

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PC Deals of the Day 7-20-09

There are some very nice deals today.  JBL speakers $29.99 at Sears.  Logitech G5, a good laser gaming mouse, for $27 after rebates.  Dell has the 1TB OEM Internal Hard Drive for $69.  Sandisk 16gb flash drive for only $28 at J&R.

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PC Deals of the Day 7-10-09

Newegg is having a tech deals day.  Checkout the deals they have on portable usb drives, hard drives, memory, mouse, and a whole lot more. 

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PC Deals of the Day 7-7-09

More Samsung LCD monitors on sale for $153.  Beef up for computer graphics with eVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896MB PCI Express Video Card for

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PC Deals of the Day 7-2-09

More cheap laptops deals today.  Lenovo is selling their S10 netbook for $298.  Dell Inspiron Core 2 Duo 2.4ghz 15.6in laptop for $679. has the Toshiba – Satellite Laptop L305-S5919 for $300. 

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PC Deals of the Day 6-29-09

If you are in the market for a new cordless mouse, today is your lucky day!  You can get a nice Logitech MX1100 cordless laser mouse for only $32 shipped.  The core i7 processor 920 is available at Micro Center for $199.  Also, don’t forget about the Swissgear Multimedia Wireless Presenter for a killing price […]

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PC Deals of the Day 6-25-09

More deals today from Dell and Newegg.  A Samsung 22″ LCD Monitor for $140 shipped.  Newegg has the Western Digital 750GB SATA Hard Drive for $60 shipped.  ZipZoomFly has the AMD Phenon II 3.2Ghz processor for cheap in combination of other computer hardware items.

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PC Deals of the Day 6-24-09

Newegg is offering a special on all desktop video cards.  Dell has more cheap LCD monitors.  Lenovo has a nice laptop for an unbeatable price.  If you want or need

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PC Deals of the Day 6-23-09

Looking for a new monitor for your pc? How about a case for your new build? You can find it all in this post for CHEAP. You can even let me know what you’re looking for and I can find it for a great discounted price.

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