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Use Straxx’s Excel Password Remover to Unprotect Worksheet and Workbook

Forgetting your password can be a drag when you have to modify your protected Excel spreadsheets. has an add-in which you can use to unprotect the worksheet and/or workbook to

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Save a 2010 Word Document as Read-Only

Saving a word document as read-only in MS Word 2010 is very similar to how you would do it in Word 2007. You can also apply a password to restrict users from modifying the document.

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Built-in Windows 7 Screenshot Capture – Snipping Tool

Use Snipping Tool to take all of your screen shots.  It’s a very nice feature of Windows 7 that can eliminate the tedious steps

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Change the Default Save Path for Microsoft Outlook 2010

So I don’t understand why they have an option for the default save path in almost all the other Office products except Outlook.  The only way to do this (that I know of) is to modify the registry key. Instructions (Assuming you have Windows Vista or 7)

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View your mailbox size in MS Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 1) Click on the File tab. 2) On the left, click on Info. 3) In the middle section, go down to where it says

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Problem printing a Word document with background

In Microsoft Word, you can choose the background of your document to the color of your liking.  But when you go to print it, the background won’t show up.  Very frustrating.  Luckily, there is a way to fix it.  Microsoft actually posted a solution for it.  I don’t know why this option is disabled in […]

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How to disable the annoying Windows Update from forcing you to restart your machine

There were numerous times where I left my computer unattended or if I’m in a game that Windows Update decides to reboot my machine.  You only have the option to “postpone” this reboot.  Thanks to the guys

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How to add a password to a 2007 Microsoft Word document

I, personally, have not used this feature but I know many others out there that would love to know how to password protect their documents. It’s beneficial to have the document protected in the case of having confidential information. I created a video tutorial to do just that. There is a little bit

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How to have a portrait and landscape format in a single 2007 Word document

My girlfriend, who is also computer savvy, came to me for help on formatting her Word document.  She wanted only certain pages of the document to be in landscape orientation and the rest portrait.  You can’t do this unless you create page breaks.  I researched and found a website

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How to add a shutdown shortcut to your desktop

I know we are all lazy nowadays and every click saves us time.  Going to Start and clicking on shutdown is such a drag.  No worries.  I am here to simplify your life.  Check out my video tutorial on how to add a shutdown

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