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Common Windows Computer Problems And How To Resolve Them

One doesn’t need to be a computer expert to resolve common Windows PC errors. All you need is some basic computer knowledge, a little patience, and the right software. In this article, we learn how to resolve common Windows computer errors using the

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8 Ways to get rid of “Windows Explorer has stopped working” or “Internet Explorer has stopped working”

So I came across one of the most troubling PC problems of the decade.  One of my friend’s laptop had a problem where it would shutdown Internet Explorer and display the “Internet Explorer has stopped working.”  The same goes for browsing in the folders on the desktop where Windows Explorer would randomly close and restart […]

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Troubleshoot the blue screen of death with BlueScreenView

Most of all have seen the blue screen of death (bsod) working on a PC at some point in our lives.  It’s a critial system error that forces your computer to shut down to prevent any further damage.  BlueScreenView is a free program that will pull up the last bsod for you to analyze and google […]

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How to convert and reformat a Mac hard drive to Windows

This morning I experienced a dilemma where I could literally break every Apple product I have ever owned.  Let’s start from the beginning.  I gave my 500GB external hard drive to my girlfriend since she was running out of space.  She was using an iMac so of course the external hard drive was formatted

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Troubleshooting Question #1 – How to remove icons from my computer

Paula from Studio City asked me how to remove some of her icons in the “My Computer” window. I found out that those items are restricted from being deleted. Though there is a way to delete them using a

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10 Quick Tips on how to Troubleshoot Windows XP

This is an article I found on  I do agree with the tips and thought I share with you guys.

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