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Need to convert a Word document into PDF? Try PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF is an excellent freeware that will convert almost any file out there into PDF.  There has been over 13 million downloads over at for this software so I am almost sure PrimoPDF won’t let you down.  The new version 4 allows you to email the PDF right after you create it and the […]

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Use TeamViewer for desktop sharing

Many of us have relatives or friends who are constantly experiencing computer issues.  It is very difficult to troubleshoot their problems without having their computer in front of us.  To solve this dilemma, the TeamViewer software will allow you to connect

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Use Audacity to edit your music files

Audacity is a great freeware to use when it comes to editing music files.  While being one of the best music editing programs out there,  Audacity is available in Windows, Linux, and

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5 – one of the best freeware around just got better

The new upgrade is incredibly fast with new great features.  Firefox finally implemented the private browsing mode (I won’t ask why you need to turn this mode on).  They have also improved their tab functionality where you can even reopen a recently closed browser window without

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ooVoo, the all-in-one free web video conferencing and chat

Sometimes, it’s just too boring chatting and webcaming with just ONE other person.  You need more excitement in your life and you want to talk and see all of your friends at once in the same room.  Look no further, ooVoo is what you’re looking for.  You can video conference with up to 6 of […]

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A great free photo recovery program – MjM

MjM Free Photo Recovery saved my girlfriend’s photos that she took on our camping trip yesterday.  The pictures were somehow “missing” in the SD Card as she was importing them onto her computer.  She tried downloading a couple of other photo recovery programs but they did not work as well as MjM did.  We were […]

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Fear no virus with Avast antivirus

Avast Anti-virus Home Edition is a great free software to get rid of those unwanted viruses.  It’s a strong alternative to AVG Free anti-virus.  Personally, I have not used the freeware but have heard of many great

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Want to get a MP3 off of Youtube?

Ever come across a music video on YouTube that you wanted to download but you can’t?  Well, I got the solution and it’s FREE.

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VLC Player – the video player WMP should have been

While struggling to find codecs to play video files on Windows Media Player, why not just download VLC player and forget about all your worries.  This program will do what you want it to do and plus it’s FREE.

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Clean up your temporary files with CleanUp!

This is probably the fastest and easiest way to clean up your temporary files on your computer.  If you can get past hearing the toilet flush every time you click on CleanUp! then this program is for you.  Of course, this program is FREE. 

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