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How to have a portrait and landscape format in a single 2007 Word document

My girlfriend, who is also computer savvy, came to me for help on formatting her Word document.  She wanted only certain pages of the document to be in landscape orientation and the rest portrait.  You can’t do this unless you create page breaks.  I researched and found a website

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Microsoft Office 2010: one of the greatest trailers of all time

This is one of the greatest viral video marketing I have ever seen.  I never been this excited for a Microsoft product in my life (even though I shouldn’t since this trailer hyped up Office to the point where I will be depressed if the product does not even come close to this trailer).  It’s […]

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How to convert or change data in rows into columns (Microsoft Excel 2007)

For those who do not know Microsoft Excel 2007 very well, I included a video tutorial on how to convert data in rows into columns.  Also, the video shows

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Get rid of .docx Default Save in Microsoft Word 2007

Since Microsoft Word 2007 .docx format is not so friendly with other Microsoft Word, I am going to show you how to change the format to .doc by default every time you save. 

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Microsoft Word 2007 Horrible Default Line Spacing

I hate typing in the new Microsoft Word 2007 with their horrible line spacing.  I uploaded my video to Youtube so you can watch it below. 

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Want to be Able to View 3 Time Zones in Your System Tray? (Microsoft Vista)

Windows Vista allows you to view up to 3 different time zones in your systray.  This can be good if you’re traveling or have family members in other countries.  You can view the video I made below.  Again, please watch it in HD and Full Screen mode.  No Audio.

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