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New Screenshots of Mozilla Firefox 4

Mashable has screen shots of the upcoming Mozilla Firefox 4 internet browser.  So far, the main new features of Firefox is the tab locations and the overall simplified look and feel.  With the tabs on top, it looks almost exactly like it’s other internet

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5 – one of the best freeware around just got better

The new upgrade is incredibly fast with new great features.  Firefox finally implemented the private browsing mode (I won’t ask why you need to turn this mode on).  They have also improved their tab functionality where you can even reopen a recently closed browser window without

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Change the minimum width of a tab in Firefox

Tab browsing could be good or bad.  I like to be able to see what website is in each tab but sometimes it’s just too much like a guessing game.  Is the set 100 pixel width in Mozilla Firefox too small for you after opening more than 10+ tabs?  You can surely modify that in […]

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