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Use TeamViewer for desktop sharing

Many of us have relatives or friends who are constantly experiencing computer issues.  It is very difficult to troubleshoot their problems without having their computer in front of us.  To solve this dilemma, the TeamViewer software will allow you to connect

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Use Audacity to edit your music files

Audacity is a great freeware to use when it comes to editing music files.  While being one of the best music editing programs out there,  Audacity is available in Windows, Linux, and

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Fear no virus with Avast antivirus

Avast Anti-virus Home Edition is a great free software to get rid of those unwanted viruses.  It’s a strong alternative to AVG Free anti-virus.  Personally, I have not used the freeware but have heard of many great

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VLC Player – the video player WMP should have been

While struggling to find codecs to play video files on Windows Media Player, why not just download VLC player and forget about all your worries.  This program will do what you want it to do and plus it’s FREE.

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Need a FREE Screen Recording Software? – CamStudio

If you’re wondering what I’m using to make these tips & tricks videos, it’s CamStudio software.  As you can see from my videos, this software does an excellent job with video screen recording.  It’s open source and did I mention it’s FREE?  You can download the software at

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Download Free Anti-Virus Software – AVG Free

AVG Free is probably the best free anti-virus software out there.  It does its job by protecting you from viruses and spywares.  Unlike other anti-virus, you don’t need a subscription every year to stay up-to-date with your virus definitions.  AVG will automatically

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