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Create an RSS Feed for your website

We all know that RSS Feed is the current big trend for most readers who just want the plain old texts or summary updates from websites.  RSS Feed helps you and your reader by allowing them to be updated with the most current news or blog posts.  Have you installed one on your website yet?  You don’t

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Want to get a MP3 off of Youtube?

Ever come across a music video on YouTube that you wanted to download but you can’t?  Well, I got the solution and it’s FREE.

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Powerpoint tip – how to brand your slides with your company logo

With the new layout of Powerpoint2007, you probably are little bit lost with where everything is.  If you have an important work presentation coming up, then you would probably want to make professional Powerpoint slides with your company logo

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How to convert or change data in rows into columns (Microsoft Excel 2007)

For those who do not know Microsoft Excel 2007 very well, I included a video tutorial on how to convert data in rows into columns.  Also, the video shows

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10 Quick Tips on how to Troubleshoot Windows XP

This is an article I found on  I do agree with the tips and thought I share with you guys.

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Want to be Able to View 3 Time Zones in Your System Tray? (Microsoft Vista)

Windows Vista allows you to view up to 3 different time zones in your systray.  This can be good if you’re traveling or have family members in other countries.  You can view the video I made below.  Again, please watch it in HD and Full Screen mode.  No Audio.

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