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Add an on-screen keyboard in Windows XP, Vista, 7

On-screen keyboard are useful for those have tablets or touchscreen PCs. I decided to make a video tutorial instead of screenshots and directions (I know I’m lazy to take those screenshots).  Enjoy.

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Run command missing in windows 7 and vista start menu

I personally like the new Windows 7 and Vista start menu with the search box.  They seem to have removed the run command from the menu.  Maybe they did it to save the start menu real estate space or because no one really uses that command.  For some of us, however, would prefer to have the […]

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How to add “My Computer” to Windows 7 and Vista taskbar

Saving time and clicks are important to me.  I like to see the “My Computer” right there on my taskbar.  I will show you have to add it to your taskbar with a video tutorial I made earlier today.  Remember to watch in HD and Full Screen mode for the best quality.

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Show or hide your icons in the systray (Windows Vista)

Some features of Vista are pretty cool but some you have to tweak to get it just right for your own personal preference.  The windows notification area, aka systray, will automatically hide icons that are inactive.  You can easily change this setting

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Bypass the Windows Vista logon screen

If you are using a home computer, it’s probably unnecessary for you to go through a logon screen in Windows Vista.  Since you are not at work and probably are not dealing with strangers getting into your sensitive data, the Vista logon screen is pretty useless.  I feel that I should be able to turn […]

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Want to be Able to View 3 Time Zones in Your System Tray? (Microsoft Vista)

Windows Vista allows you to view up to 3 different time zones in your systray.  This can be good if you’re traveling or have family members in other countries.  You can view the video I made below.  Again, please watch it in HD and Full Screen mode.  No Audio.

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Turn off the annoying User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista

Are you tired of that annoying dialog box that pops up every time you try to run program?  It was intended to protect users from malicious programs and for programmers.  In this tutorial, I will show you how to turn that off.  Watch the YouTube video below on visual step-by-step instructions.  You need to watch […]

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