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Recover your lost data with PC Inspector File Recovery

If you lost your data due to a bad crash, you might be able to recover it with this program.  It is a little bit tricky to use for the computer novices out there.  Once you play around with it then you will be able to search for your lost data.  It can even repair

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Show or hide your icons in the systray (Windows Vista)

Some features of Vista are pretty cool but some you have to tweak to get it just right for your own personal preference.  The windows notification area, aka systray, will automatically hide icons that are inactive.  You can easily change this setting

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Create an RSS Feed for your website

We all know that RSS Feed is the current big trend for most readers who just want the plain old texts or summary updates from websites.  RSS Feed helps you and your reader by allowing them to be updated with the most current news or blog posts.  Have you installed one on your website yet?  You don’t

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Monitor your desktop the easy way with CPU-Z

For those system builders out there (and maybe those would just like to look at your computer information), CPU-Z is a great program that allows you to view information about your CPU, memory, mainboard, and system.

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Want to be Able to View 3 Time Zones in Your System Tray? (Microsoft Vista)

Windows Vista allows you to view up to 3 different time zones in your systray.  This can be good if you’re traveling or have family members in other countries.  You can view the video I made below.  Again, please watch it in HD and Full Screen mode.  No Audio.

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