10 Quick Tips on how to Troubleshoot Windows XP

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Here is a quick checklist on how to fix XP errors:

1. Restart the PC. No jokes here. A fair amount of PC errors are once-off occurrences. A reboot often solves the issue. The only problem here is that you stand, at the same time to lose a few hours’ work. Another reality is that if the problem is caused by a serious issue on your PC, chances are the error will crop up sooner or later.

2. Google the error. Paste the XP error text onto your search engine and what results come up.I usually just do a copy-and-paste when I get some unintelligible error.

3. Visit XP support forums. When it comes to computer errors, the old saying “there is nothing new under the sun” holds very true. If it has happened to you, then it has definitely happened to someone else before. And they’ve found the solution and made sure to post it somewhere in the thousands of online support forums. All you have yo is go in and get it.

4. Be safe, have a registry cleaner. A registry repair tool is very important to keep your computer running and optimum level. A registry cleaner will scan your PC registry and remove all the clutter that’s been building up in there.

5. Leave your antivirus and and firewall alone. Issues crop up when you’ve been fiddling around with your antivirus or firewall settings. If an application requests special access, be sure that you don’t at the same time leave your PC exposed to malware invasion.

6. Remember what you were doing when the error happened. You’re already halfway towards solving the issue if you can pinpoint what happened when the error occurred.

7. Get into the habit of backing up on a regular basis. You don’t want to be caught with your pants around the ankles here: computers don’t fail every day, but they eventually fail. Be sure that when this happens your vital data are safe somewhere else.

8. Know beep codes. Most BIOS manufacturers have hardwired in their firmware beep codes to give you a clue on the cause of the error you’re having. Get to know those codes. They will save you time when you need to fix XP errors.

9. Ask for remote assistance. If you’ve got a geek among your friends, ask them to assist your to fix your PC through remote assistance. He will show you how to set that up.

10. If everything else fail, call a technician to fix XP. After all they’re trained to fix computers.

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